3 Worst Mistakes Made by Immigrants vs. Best Immigration Lawyer Solutions

You’ve got a problem.


You’re from another country and you find yourself in a predicament.

Do you try to deal with it yourself?
Or do you hire the best immigration lawyer you can locate?
Here are 3 of the worst mistakes routinely made by immigrants and the solutions available to them, once they contact the best immigration lawyers who have been through these cases, thousands of times:
1. Green Card Through Marriage.  If we have seen it once, we have seen it 1000 times.  People come in with major problems as a result of trying to handle the paperwork themselves and going to the interview on their own.  Their solution? Contact the best immigration lawyer possible.  See how quickly that attorney can identify the issues and begin to take care of the mistakes.  Case in point: about a decade ago, a couple walked in, traumatized from a terrible experience at a interview for green card through marriage.  They were separated and anxiety took over.  Next thing they knew, their case was denied and deportation looked imminent.  We verified that the couple truly lived together, refiled the whole package and represented them at the second interview.  Result: Green card approved.
2. Litigation.  Just a few hours ago, the relative of a detained immigrant called me.  He said that the family was considering letting the man in jail represent himself in court, because the judge gave him that option. Huge Mistake.  Immediately I explained that the court will only allow for so many postponements before requiring the hearing to go forward.  That said, the immigrant needed the services of the best immigration lawyer he could find, with vast expertise in successfully litigating cases for detained aliens.
3. H-1B Visas.  The government privately has identified cases that are (in their opinion) possibly fraudulent due to a small workforce, short company history, and relatively modest revenues.  Many of these same entities make the mistake of filing H-1B visas on their own, rather than seeking out the best immigration lawyer, who knows how to avoid red flags by pointing out that a startup with a handful of employees and somewhat low income can still be a viable sponsor for an H-1B visa, if there are mitigating factors.
Above are just a trio of bad decisions that bring to mind the oft-quoted phrase:
 “I hesitate not to pronounce, that every man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client.”  –  Henry Kett, 1814

Written by: Harlan York

Immigration Attorney Harlan York is Former Chair, Immigration Section, NJ State Bar Association and Former Co-Chair, NY State Bar Association CFLS Immigration Committee. Mr. York appeared on National Television on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose and Primer Impacto on Univision, as well as Telemundo, NBC, and PBS. He was honored as First Ever Immigration Lawyer of The Year in NJ by Best Lawyers.

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