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T Visa

Asylum: Everything You Have To Know About The T Visa

What is Asylum /  T Visa? Who can apply for the  T Visa? What is “unusual or severe harm” in the case of the T Visa? How do you apply for a T Visa? What family members qualify for a T-Visa with the applicant? Can you apply for Permanent Residence…

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Border crisis in US is nothing new

A border crisis is nothing new. That is a fact. As long as countries have had borders, people have been trying to cross them any way they can. Twenty years ago, when Central American refugees consulted with US immigration attorneys, they often spoke of the dangers that remained in their home countries due…

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political asylum

Political Asylum – 15 Things You Must Know

The United States has long offered protection to immigrants in the form of Political Asylum.  This path to freedom may be given to immigrants who apply for political asylum within one year of entry into the United States, or those who face deportation in an Immigration Court hearing.  The legal…

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