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What is DACA

What is DACA and why should you care?

Great news in the world of DACA! Check out the latest news on DACA here. Efforts to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) began in 2017. DACA has been in the news a lot since then. What is DACA, what has changed? And why should you care? The history…

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Two hands with US flag, saying "Im a dreamer". DACA not dead

DACA “not dead yet”: renew DACA now!

Federal judge William Alsop in San Francisco has blocked Trump’s administration from ending DACA. Claiming that the move to rescind the program was based on “a flawed legal premise,” he ruled that the program must be left in place until the litigation to remove it has been decided. Dreamers’ lives…

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