How to Get Your Green Card Through Marriage – Download your Free Guide today!

You have a handful of choices when seeking permanent residence in the United States. Family based immigration, statistically, has been shown to result in more green cards than any other category. Even so, over the last two decades of working as an immigration lawyer I have seen many people make mistakes when applying for their green card through marriage. Once mistakes are made in the process it can be very difficult to continue down this path.

Our lawyers at Harlan York and Associates have put together a guide to help you understand the process, rules, and what will be expected of you in the process of getting your green card through marriage…and more importantly outline the risks and pitfalls that are most commonly made.

Understand the rules for getting your Green Card through Marriage: download our FREE guide now!

You need to know the right process when applying for your green card to avoid damaging and costly mistakes.

After reading this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • 9 requirements of filing for your marriage based green card
  • Top 7 mistakes to avoid when applying for your green card
  • Proper steps to prepare for the green card interview

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