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7 Ways Same Sex Marriage Can Stop Deportation

 GREAT NEWS ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN THE US! If you are an immigrant in the LGBT community with an old deportation or removal order, pay attention! You may now be able to stop deportation, and/or get a green card. Same sex marriage has been legal nationwide since June 2015, and with…

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5 Things You Must Know About Same Sex Marriage Immigration

1. Hundreds of same sex couples filed for green cards through marriage before the groundbreaking 2013 US Supreme Court decision in Windsor. Good news: the Immigration Service is reviewing cases filed since early 2011 and reopening prior denials. 2. More good news: Same Sex couples who filed in the last 3 months are…

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The Effect of US v. Windsor on Immigration Law for Same-Sex Couples

Since the US Supreme Court’s ruling was issued today against DOMA, it looks like same-sex couples will be considered for marriage-based green cards. Applications – previously denied only because a couple is gay – should be granted. A marriage in a state or country where that ceremony is legal should confer eligibility to apply for lawful permanent…

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Immigration Reform and Same Sex Marriage

Two of the most anticipated developments this year are what Congress will do about immigration reform and how the Supreme Court will rule on same sex marriage. It is very significant that there is much intersection between these issues, despite little connection being drawn publicly between them. If the High…

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Until Gay Marriage is Legal, Why Not?

The AG’s recent decision in Dornan shows the government’s interest in exploring how civil unions might allow a US citizen partner to petition for an immigrant partner.  It would seem to me that an interim solution to the problem facing gay couples from two different nations who wish to reside lawfully in the…

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