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A Change Is Gonna Come

I have written and spoken for years about how our representatives favor certain ideals.  The media sometimes distorts things, but it is now clearer than ever that we are starting to see a change coming. Today, a group of conservative members of the House voiced agreement with Tea Party member…

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Anything Is Possible

As we stand closer to immigration reform, I talk to many people who are disillusioned and unsure. “We have been here for more than a decade,” they say, “and we work hard, pay taxes, have US born kids, but still we await our green cards.” I reply to them that reform may be…

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Immigration: What Now?

Well, with a Republican-controlled House, Democratic Senate, and a second term for the President, what to expect on Immigration? Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett-Packard, among others, have pushed to expand H-1B visa availability from its current 65,000 annual limit. So, will immigration reform be a place for a deal between Obama…

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DREAM Act will not go away

What does the DREAM Act mean? Legalization for youth who came here at least 5 years ago, before age 16 and who wish to complete 2 years of college or military service. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the DREAM Act will result in $1.4 billion in deficit reduction over the…

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