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Extraordinary ability visa: Female Asian laboratory scientist in lab coat and safety goggles showing test tube with red liquid to curious African-American colleague in laboratory. Latin-American scientist in background.

Extraordinary Ability? How to be approved in 15 days for a US visa

Getting a work visa through employment is tough these days. Ask anyone in any industry. If you are a highly skilled foreign professional, athlete, or artist – who is not currently seeking a job change – you may want to consider applying for an “extraordinary ability” visa to get into the United States. This visa…

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Immigration Service Mistakes can lead to trouble at the airport. A vector illustration of People Being Checked Immigration Line in the Airport

The 3 Worst Mistakes Made by the Immigration Service (and how to fix them)

As a rule, I believe that the people at Immigration try their best. Most of them are reasonable and well-intentioned. Many years ago, I heard one Director say, “People need to remember what the word ‘Service’ means. We serve the public.” That said, our immigration system isn’t perfect. There are common mistakes that we…

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how Trump has helped immigration. Trump smiling and pointing at the audience

Thank you Mr Trump! How Trump has helped Immigration…really

Adapted from an article originally published in Immigration is all over the news these days, making front page headlines with such wild claims as :”Lawmakers, After Meeting With ICE, Say ALL Undocumented Immigrants at Risk of Deportation.” Trump is making headlines all over the news for our current “immigration crisis”,  but…

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Immigrant entrepreneur black woman in a car talking on her cell phone

New International Entrepreneur Rule: 6 ways you can qualify

New USCIS regulations are going to into effect starting July 17, 2017. If you are an international entrepreneur, with a start-up or business you want to implement in the US, you should be reading this article now. What is the new International Entrepreneur Rule The new regulations are specifically designed…

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Trump's executive order stops foreign nationals from coming into the US.

Traveling outside the US? What you need to know about Trump’s executive order

As most of you know, this weekend President Trump signed an executive order called “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”  This order has wide-ranging implications for foreign refugees, particularly from seven main countries. There is confusion and a lot of panic out there about what this…

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bigstock Immigration Crisis 110126366 1

Do Immigrants Need To Be Afraid Of Trump?

Adapted from an article originally published for the Newark Star Ledger We are on the eve of the swearing in of our new President Elect, and many immigrants in the United States are wondering what the next four years will have in store for them. Trump’s campaign was filled with numerous infamous…

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when easy immigration cases get difficult, person in hand cuffs

When “Easy” Immigration Cases get Difficult

People often contact us saying that they have an “easy” immigration case, but they have just run into a snag. Now they need help. Things get stressful when items such as work permits, travel documents, green cards and citizenship papers are not issued. Here is what you need to understand: based on…

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Do immigrant workers take us jobs? A group of immigrant workers of different types

Do Immigrants take jobs from American workers and lower wages? New Study

It’s an age old question, one that many people use to fuel their distrust and dislike of immigrants and migrant workers, and it’s being furiously debated right now as a platform in our upcoming election by a very polarized Trump and Clinton. A new study published from the National Academies of…

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illegal immigrant marry US citizen holding box with solitaire ring making marriage propose to his girlfriend. Young handsome husband gifting a ring to wife on

Can an undocumented immigrant marry a US Citizen?

The short answer? Yes. There is no law to prevent an illegal or undocumented immigrant from marrying a US citizen. Most of the laws around marriage in the United States have to do with age ( legal consent ranges from 15-17 in most states with parental consent, and is 18-21…

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WASHINGTON DC - MARCH 21: A girl and her family stand with some 200000 immigrants' rights activists flooding the National Mall on March 21 2010 to demand comprehensive immigration reform.

Newly expanded I-601A immigration waiver can keep your family together

Great news! In the name of Family Unity, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just published in the Federal Register a final rule that will expand eligibility for provisional unlawful presence waivers to all individuals who are statutorily eligible for the unlawful presence waiver and who can establish extreme hardship to…

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Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

I Am An Immigrant : Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month

I come from immigrant stock. My great grandparents on both sides of my family fled from Eastern Europe. They moved here on boats with nothing more than rags in their pockets, and made a life. That’s why so many people come here: to live the dream in the US.  I have…

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Checking your USCIS or immigration case status onine

Shopping Around for Immigration Lawyers? A Review

I never used to get calls or emails from people “shopping around” for immigration lawyers. But things change. The economy has made people consider their budgets. Now about once or twice a month I get a message from someone shopping around for immigration lawyers in New York, or immigration attorneys in New Jersey or…

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marriage based immigration, couple kissing

The Top 4 Mistakes in Immigration through Marriage

About 21% of all immigrants enter the US through family-based green cards every year. Many people believe that getting a green card through marriage is one of the fastest and easiest ways to become a US citizen, but this is not necessarily the case. Things can go very wrong with…

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Native American cartoon

Except for the Native Americans, We are all Immigrants

“Except for the Native Americans, all of us are a nation of immigrants” Aboard the Mayflower on the way to Plymouth, there were 110 passengers. Upon arrival, 50 survived a harsh winter and sat for Thanksgiving in 1621. They relied on the Native Americans, who helped them find enough food…

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immigration waiver

Who Can Apply for a Green Card

There are eight main categories of people who qualify for permanent residency.  No matter what avenue you take,  you need to be eligible for a green card under the law, known as the Immigration and Nationality Act, and moreover you need to be “admissible” to the United States of America. Remember: if…

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Harlan Yorks business card

Best Lawyers Award 10th Consecutive Year! Office Expands!

I was humbled to learn of my having been named to Best Lawyers. For the 10th Consecutive Year. Best Lawyers is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Back in 2012, I was the First Ever Attorney in New Jersey to win “Immigration Lawyer of the Year” from Best Lawyers. These…

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Superhero Wolverine

Immigration Myths – Mutants and Muggles?

Immigration Myths – Mutants and Muggles? Harlan York, the #1 Immigration Attorney.   Your best choice for an Immigration Attorney if you live in NYC (Manhattan, Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island). Watching X-Men: Days of Future Past the other night made me think about Immigration Myths. Same feeling…

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Greek statue

The Obstacle Is The Way In Immigration Too

The Obstacle Is The Way In Immigration Too Harlan York, the #1 Immigration Attorney. Your best choice for an Immigration Attorney if you live in Somerset County, NJ (Bound Brook, Somerset, and South Bound Brook). I am reading a brand new book called The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan…

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