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Immigration Policy: 4 Things You Need To Know

Gandhi was once famously asked if he was a Hindu. His answer:  “Yes I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and a Jew.” This perspective is very important when representing immigrants. As lawyers who help immigrants, we must look at all of our clients with truly global perspective….

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The Most Important Review of Immigration Attorneys You Will Ever Read

You need to know. What should you look for in your immigration lawyer? The purpose of this article, the Most Important Review of Immigration Attorneys you will ever read,  is to ensure that: (a) you will be happy with legal services and (b) your chances of winning a case are maximized….

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Immigration Attorneys: Who Needs Them? 3 Answers

Every so often, someone will tell me: “I have a friend or relative who ‘handled’ an immigration matter without an attorney.” Here are three answers that I always give, followed by a little real world experience to give some insight as to why this idea is not best. If you…

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Gameness and Immigration Law

“Gameness is a quality of fighting or working with traits of eagerness despite the threat of injury. To be game is to described as persevering, ready and willing, full of fight, and spirited.” Do you really want a lawyer who just talks to you for free for a few minutes?  Someone who…

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