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A new Immigration Law video from Harlan York. the #1 Immigration Attorney. Family Immigration in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

A new Immigration Law video from the #1 Immigration Attorney.

I’m Harlan York. For almost 20 years I’ve been helping immigrants win cases.   People come to me and every single day tell me, “thank you for sitting with me and listening, thank you for asking me questions that no other lawyer asks me.” I always tell people immigrants cases are like fingerprints, they’re like snowflakes. They are all different. A lawyer must take on each case individually case by case understand the details very carefully. spend time listening, spend time asking questions, make certain that the don’t forget anything. All those details are important for success. We take pride in our work. We take our clients lives very seriously we want to win, because this is not just a job, it’s not even just our career, it’s our lives.

We believe firmly in helping people achieve their goals. Staying in America, achieving a green card.  Achieving victory in immigration court on a deportation case, a visa, citizenship, reuniting families, getting people out immigration detention, in all cases we are always focused on the goal.

We want to succeed, we want to help you.

Our firm handles immigration cases in all fifty states, Harlan York & Associates.   We pride ourselves on being the among best immigration attorneys in the world.


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