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same sex marriage in the us

Same Sex Marriage For Immigration/ Green Cards : Updated For 2020

What are the benefits of same sex marriage immigration What Kind Of Marriage Is Considered Valid for Same Sex Marriage Immigration? Common issues for gay and lesbian couples trying to get a green card through marriage? Avenues for green card applications for same sex immigrants If you are in a…

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Boy and soldier in a military uniform say goodbye before parole in place causes deportation for military families

UPDATE: Military families: Parole in place & DACA remain

The Department of Homeland Security has begun implementing Trump’s Executive Order entitled “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States,” issued by the President on January 25, 2017. While the language in the memo seems to target Parole in Place,  according to the BBC news they were contacted by spokeswoman from the Department of…

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how Trump has helped immigration. Trump smiling and pointing at the audience

Thank you Mr Trump! How Trump has helped Immigration…really

Adapted from an article originally published in Immigration is all over the news these days, making front page headlines with such wild claims as :”Lawmakers, After Meeting With ICE, Say ALL Undocumented Immigrants at Risk of Deportation.” Trump is making headlines all over the news for our current “immigration crisis”,  but…

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Handcuffed deportee

How do I stop myself from being deported?

“Being deported” is the most frightening thing for any immigrant. I have frequently met with old clients who tell me of bad dreams they still have about being deported, long after they have become United States citizens. Millions of people are deported every year Nearly 3 Million immigrants have been removed…

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US immigration Litigation Serious judge about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room

The 4 Best Cases for US Immigration Litigation

Immigration can really be a tough road, but some cases are easier to fight than others. Here are the four easiest kinds of US immigration Litigation battles we work on. Remember: just because they are easier doesn’t mean they are easy. It is always best to consult an experienced immigration…

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Mexican immigrant Bernardo Ortega Guerrero

5 Things You Need to Know About Immigration Court

Close to half a million immigrants are currently in pending removal proceedings. Most of these people are coming from Mexico through California which has the most cases at approximately 90,000, and Texas which comes in  second with around 80,000 cases. New York, New Jersey and Florida follow in terms of caseload. With statistics like…

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Harlan York Immigration Lawyer

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Deportation Lawyer

As of this writing, more than 360,000 people await a hearing before an Immigration Judge. Tens of Thousands more will be added to the list by the end of the year based on current data. There are a number of reasons why these immigrants need a deportation lawyer. By “deportation…

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12 Things You Must Know About Deportation Defense

It’s incredible.  People are supposed to know their rights.  But Immigrants sometimes are unaware. Here are 12 Things You Must Know About Deportation Defense: 1.      You have a right to a hearing. Nobody served with a Notice to Appear in Removal Proceedings can just be deported. Often denials of green…

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