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Facing Deportation? Know Your Rights & Know What To Do

What should an immigrant do who is facing deportation? What are my rights as an immigrant facing deportation? Choose a lawyer who specializes in immigration / deportation defense Download our free ebook on how to stop deportation It’s many people’s worst nightmare. You – or your loved one – receive…

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Handcuffed deportee

How do I stop myself from being deported?

“Being deported” is the most frightening thing for any immigrant. I have frequently met with old clients who tell me of bad dreams they still have about being deported, long after they have become United States citizens. Millions of people are deported every year Nearly 3 Million immigrants have been removed…

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Immigration Court Case Taking Forever?  10 Reasons You Must Know!

These days, United States Immigration Court cases are taking longer than ever before. Here is a list of reasons why the Immigration Court cases are getting prolonged like we have never seen in history: A computer problem started on April 12, 2014. Five servers that aid in control over the…

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