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Green Cards through Marriage: 5 Points You Need to Cover

Whether you: Marry a US Citizen after arriving in the US from a foreign country OR You are a US Citizen who marries an immigrant, You have the same concerns about green cards. Here are 5 essential points you need to cover: The citizenship examination has 100 questions to study,…

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3 Problems with Your Immigration Case and How to Fix Them

It’s funny. What the public calls “loopholes,” I call “practicing good law.” And when you have an immigration problem, you need a loophole or good law, but you had better find a solution.  Or you might find yourself fighting to stay in the United States. These are 3 Problems with Your…

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6 Ways to Get a Green Card

People always want to know, when they call, email and ultimately consult with our immigration firm: “Mr. York, how do I get a green card?” So let’s look at some numbers. For example, in 2011, a little more than 1 million people became Green Card holders, also known as permanent…

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