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Man at the top of a mountain looking the misty landscape around. How humility is your best business assett

How humility is your best asset in business

Over the years, many of the young lawyers I’ve come in contact with – both as a teacher and as an employer- ask me what it takes to be a top lawyer. The answer that I give is never one they expect: no matter how high up the ladder you…

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U Visa

The Best Immigration Attorney Advice on U Visas

In October 2000, a new category of immigration benefit became available to victims of violent crimes, the U Visa. The policy grew out of concerns that undocumented immigrants would be afraid of deportation if they called law enforcement to report a crime. Our government realized that the U Visa would effectively accomplish…

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Immigration Attorneys: Who Needs Them? 3 Answers

Every so often, someone will tell me: “I have a friend or relative who ‘handled’ an immigration matter without an attorney.” Here are three answers that I always give, followed by a little real world experience to give some insight as to why this idea is not best. If you…

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