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Immigration Fraud Waivers: How To Solve The Biggest Problems

 “There are no facts in Jamaica”- Chris Blackwell  founder of Island Records, inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 2001  If there are no facts, how does one go about dealing with Immigration Fraud Waivers? Well, Chris Blackwell was chiefly responsible for bringing the music of Bob Marley to American ears. The…

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Think You Know Immigration Waivers? Take This Quiz!

Are you or a loved one considering filing one of the available immigration waivers? Here is an 8 question, quick multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge!   1. I-601 Immigration Waivers Are Good For: A. Crime B. Fraud C. The 3 and 10 Year Bars (Unlawful Presence) D. All…

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How to Win Your Immigration Waiver – 9 Things You Must Know

Whether you are seeking a green card as: an applicant outside the US, applying for an immigrant visa at a consular office OR a person applying for adjustment of status in the US   You have a definite problem to overcome if you need an immigration waiver. Immigration waivers are…

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