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4 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your US Naturalization Test

People seem to frequently put off filing Form N-400 and taking the Naturalization Test to become a US citizen. Sometimes they are just procrastinating, thinking they have lots of time. But many people are afraid to take the test thinking that if they fail, it will result in some kind of punishment.  This…

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Why Citizenship May Be Denied – 7 Reasons You Need To Know

Of all the applications filed with the Immigration Service, many people find Form N-400 (Naturalization) to be the least complicated. This may have been true at one time, but over the past few years this form has grown from 4 pages, to 21 pages long! Many people attempt to fill…

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What is a Naturalized Citizen and Why Does it Matter?

Let’s get one thing straight.  If you are born in the United States, you are automatically a United States citizen.  That law has been binding since the 1800s, around the time that slavery was abolished. And even before that era, most people born were considered citizens by virtue of their…

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