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4 Things You Must Know to Be a Naturalized Citizen

Want to be Naturalized in the US? Here’s what you need to know.

Every year between 700,000-750,000 people are naturalized in the United States. The process can be straightforward, or incredibly complex depending on the case. Is Naturalization the same as Citizenship? Yes, you can become a US citizen either through birth, or through naturalization. Generally, people are born U.S. citizens if they…

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The Worst Mistake In the Naturalization Process

The Worst Mistakes In the Naturalization Process

All parents want to protect their children.  But all parents make mistakes. So many mothers and fathers fail to take care of getting their children naturalized. This is the worst mistake in the naturalization process. And the real shame of it, almost always, is that the error is unintentional. Why is…

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New Citizenship Application

New Citizenship Application: 10 Reasons You Need a Lawyer

Breaking Story: Immigration just announced that they were rolling out this new N-400. The N-400, for those of you who do not know, is the application for Naturalization. This process forms the core of how green card holders become United States Citizens. After you file your New Citizenship Application, you…

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