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Shopping Around for Immigration Lawyers? A Review

I never used to get calls or emails from people “shopping around” for immigration lawyers. But things change. The economy has made people consider their budgets. Now about once or twice a month I get a message from someone shopping around for immigration lawyers in New York, or immigration attorneys in New Jersey or…

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Immigration Lawyers Who Love What We Do

Immigration Lawyers Who Love What We Do: 4 Parts You Should Know

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the recording of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, right here in New Jersey. It is well established as one of the greatest recordings of all time. As the father of a ten year old boy who plays jazz piano and saxophone with extraordinary…

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The Best Immigration Lawyers Always Return Phone Calls

I have told this story before, but it bears repeating. More than eight years ago, my father, who was my greatest teacher, died. He battled cancer on four different occasions between ages 50 and 63. He had one of the best oncologists, a man who saved his life several times….

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The Best Immigration Attorneys of All Time, Part 1

Over the better part of two decades, I have always been fascinated with immigration history. Just as sports and entertainment reporters compile stories on the greatest athletes and musicians, I thought it would be compelling to talk about the The Best Immigration Attorneys of All Time. Certainly one of the…

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6 Ways to Tell Who Is the Best Immigration Lawyer

When you have an immigration problem, common sense dictates that you want to find the best lawyer you can to solve it. Here are 6 Ways to Tell Who Is the Best Immigration Lawyer: 1.       Ratings Among Peers.  There are many peer ratings surveys.  Best Lawyers.  Super Lawyers. Martindale Hubbell.….

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Immigration Lawyer Guarantees versus Immigration Lawyer Realities

By law an attorney cannot promise an outcome, or how long a case will take. That rule has not stopped many people from allegedly promising they will win. At least that’s what some folks tell me. “Another immigration lawyer guarantees he will win,” they proclaim. Sometimes I think, “OK, there’s…

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