“We are not world-famous chess champions, professional athletes, or broadcasters (all clients of Harlan York and Associates, with successful outcomes to their cases), but nonetheless we were treated as important people all the time by them.  No email or phone call went unanswered.  No question not taken seriously.  And, to top it off, in contrast to our previous experience, it wasn’t about the money, the billable hours, the profit margin.  The charges were incredibly fair, were spread out over time, and were NEVER the focus.”

Faith and Thayer, Client
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“Thank you very much for the time and professionalism. You are excellent attorneys that honestly care about your clients.”

Agustín Fernández, Oscar winning Filmmaker

“Mr. York is a true professional who cares about his clients and his work”

Peter Rono, Olympic Gold Medalist

“Harlan York is a Street Fighter”

Garry Kasparov, Greatest Chess Player of All Time

“I dealt with many Immigration Attorneys. All of them would be nice to you until you pay and then completely non-responsive. Mr. York was the only one who proved to stand by me until the case was resolved.”

Thomas, Client

“Not only is he an expert in current immigration law, but he is well versed in changes that have occurred in the last 20 years. And I have always found his rates to be fair and reasonable.”

Alberto, Client

“When I first came to Mr. York, I was overwhelmed, lost and confused, but he was able to start quickly and move me forward through the paperwork. He was very reassuring and professional.”

Alina, Client

“Willing to take on a case that other attorneys were not capable of handling. Honest, straightforward and knows the law. In addition, an extremely kind individual that you can consider a friend and not just your attorney.”

Tarek, Client

“What I like the most about Mr. York is that he tells you what can be done and on what you shouldn’t waste your money and time.”

Birol, Client

“They are the kind of lawyers that you can reach anytime by e-mail, phone or even text message. Every time I had a question, I would send them an e-mail and on the same day I would have an answer!”

Adriana, Client

“Mr. York has been a great, honest lawyer in all the years I have known him. He saved me from deportation.”

Luis, Client

Birol & Marina’s Client Testimonial for Harlan York & Associates

Birol & Marina share how Harlan York helped them with their green card and United States Citizenship.

“Harlan York took an absolutely dead immigration case after three denials and removal proceedings and pulled it through. We are very happy to receive our green cards after his outstanding efforts.”

Nikolay, Client

“I was very pleased with the entire process. Above all, I was extremely happy with his accessibility. Staff is very friendly and always answered my questions when I called. Mr. York is extremely good about getting back to you with any questions. It never went for more than a few…

Martha, Client

“Harlan York and his team were absolutely amazing. Our immigration case was a little bit complicated but Harlan was there with us every step of the way. We always felt as if we were a top priority to Harlan and his team. I would highly recommend Harlan York to anyone…

Laurie, Client

“He found out that I had one day left before my deportation and was able to reverse my case into right track. Harlan is very friendly, honest, truthful and energetic. He didn’t make any empty promises to us. He worked very hard with my case. I can not thank him…

Julia, Client

“I was recommended by a friend to Harlan York. I must say it was the best move I ever made. The process was painless and never once did I feel uneasy. Mr. York and his exceptional team of professional legal staff were there for me the entire time. Being a…

Wayne, Client

Alberto Artasanchez’s Client Testimonial for Harlan York & Associates

Alberto Artasanchez talks about how Harlan York helped him clear up his immigration status and secure his green card and United States citizenship.

“York was the consummate professional. He pinpointed precisely the issues that needed to be addressed. In personal terms he seemed to share an equal passion for the complexities of the law and the very human aspects of immigration law.”

Jeremy, Client

“Harlan is very professional, personable, efficient and transparent about the overall process and costs. Also, he is approachable and responsive to clients’ needs and questions. I would recommend Harlan without hesitation.”

Anthony, Client

“Mr. York and his staff conducted themselves in an exemplary way. We never had to wait for information or a special request. Our questions or concerns were always addressed. The case was brought to completion in less time than expected.”

Ricardo, Client

“I had been given Mr York’s name by one of my colleagues at the university, but I was skeptical until I noticed the efficiency with which he handled all paperwork. I received my US citizenship without any problems, and just last week, 12 years later, Harlan provided me with a…

Karl, Client

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