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Marriage Based Green Cards: Top Questions & Mistakes 2021 / 2022

Does Getting Married automatically get me a green card? How long does it take to get a marriage based green card? Does criminal activity or border crossing affect marriage based or family immigration? Can I still apply for marriage-based immigration if I am gay and from a country where it…

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same sex marriage in the us

Same Sex Marriage For Immigration/ Green Cards : Updated For 2020

What are the benefits of same sex marriage immigration What Kind Of Marriage Is Considered Valid for Same Sex Marriage Immigration? Common issues for gay and lesbian couples trying to get a green card through marriage? Avenues for green card applications for same sex immigrants If you are in a…

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Same-sex Marriage Asylum

Same Sex Marriage and Immigration – America vs the World

In honor of gay pride month, I wanted to celebrate the fact that five years ago the United States chose to join the group of (now close to 30) nations that have legalized same sex marriage. Same sex marriage was legalized in the US  in the summer of 2013, and…

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Green card: marriage vs employment

Getting a Green Card: Marriage vs. Employment

You have a handful of choices when seeking permanent residence in the United States. Most people usually choose between getting a green card through family, particularly marriage, or looking at employment visas. There are varying waiting times for many immigrants in different relative classifications, from siblings of citizens to the…

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3d illustration Wedding Rings symbolizing the same sex marriage

4 Main Problems (and Solutions) in Same Sex Marriage Green Card Cases

It’s now been a few years  since same sex marriage has been considered legal in the United States Let’s address some of the common problems and solutions for same sex marriage Green Card cases. Now, same sex marriage green cards between citizens and immigrants may form the basis for legal immigration. Here are…

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Poland Flag

Immigration from Poland: Getting a Green Card in the US

Looking to Immigrate to the United States from Poland? The US has long been a place of refuge and opportunity for people from Poland. Here is the best advice on how to get your green card in the US if you are Polish. How Can A Polish Citizen Get A Green…

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same sex immigration: equality banner : bisexuality

Same Sex Immigration: Marriage and Bisexuality

The New York Times published a piece a few years ago called “Bisexual: A Label With Layers.” There were no direct references to immigration law, but I immediately thought of our work, especially the recent green card applications we have successfully completed in same sex immigration marriage. As the Immigration Service points out on…

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Undocumented Teenager

10 Things Every Undocumented Teenager Needs to Know

This article is for the undocumented teenager.  Many people call you Dreamers, right? If you are a youth aged 14 to 31, or the parent of a teen, please read on. If your undocumented teenager has not yet applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), he or she should do it….

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Marriage Based Green Cards Common Questions & Mistakes

I’ve been an Immigration Lawyer for two decades, and I see some of the same mistakes over and over again. A lot of these mistakes stem from people just not really understanding the law…and why would they? Immigration law is considered one of the most complicated fields in law: the…

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green card

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer to Fill Out a Green Card Application?

Green card applications are not a walk in the park, they are complicated and sensitive legal documents that can affect your ability – or your spouse and children’s ability- to live and work in the U.S. In fact, in June 2015, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services estimated that it takes an…

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Why the World Would End Without People Getting Legal Status

Getting Legal Status is a major issue for millions of immigrants, their loved ones and co-workers. Perhaps you think the above headline is hyperbole but consider this: 1. A decade ago, the film A Day Without a Mexican gave us a tragicomic view of what would happen if every Mexican in California…

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immigrant youth

Immigrant Youth: 7 Things You Must Know

By now, if you have not applied for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), you should do it.  And do not try filing the papers on your own.   Contact the best immigration lawyer you can find. PLEASE do not stay among the two million immigrant youth (ages 15-31) who have…

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immigrant relatives of military

“Parole in Place” for Immigrant Relatives of Military – What to Know

On November 15, 2013,  the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a very important Policy Memorandum. This new Immigration rule is based on existing law. It will give legal status to immigrant relatives of military. The Policy Memorandum will keep immigrant spouses, children and parents of active duty military – as…

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Deferred Action

Deferred Action for Dreamers – 10 Reasons Why It Is Best

Like you – we as immigration lawyers – continue to hold our breath that Congress will finally act to change the current immigration law. Meanwhile there are still Two Million people who should consider Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“Dreamers”). 1. Deferred Action may not be a green card, but…

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New Jersey Same Sex Marriage Immigration – The 7 Things You Must Know

New Jersey Same Sex Marriage Immigration – The 7 Things You Must Know

You may have already concluded that Same Sex Marriage Immigration just improved in New Jersey. The state has become the 14th where gay couples can marry legally. New Jersey joins California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, along with the…

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The Supreme Court hears arguments in a case against the Defense of Marriage Act in Washington, DC.

Review of New Developments in Same Sex Marriage Immigration

With a new sense of freedom, many couples consisting of US Citizens and immigrants have begun to consider green cards through same sex marriage immigration. If you are someone enjoying this new liberty, read on. This new development emerged just a few months ago with the new Supreme Court case,…

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Green Cards through Marriage: 5 Points You Need to Cover

Whether you: Marry a US Citizen after arriving in the US from a foreign country OR You are a US Citizen who marries an immigrant, You have the same concerns about green cards. Here are 5 essential points you need to cover: The citizenship examination has 100 questions to study,…

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5 Things You Must Know About Same Sex Marriage Immigration

1. Hundreds of same sex couples filed for green cards through marriage before the groundbreaking 2013 US Supreme Court decision in Windsor. Good news: the Immigration Service is reviewing cases filed since early 2011 and reopening prior denials. 2. More good news: Same Sex couples who filed in the last 3 months are…

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